Get Paid 🤑 to Eat 🍲

Earn free cryptocurrency cashback by ordering your favourite meals online

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Earn crypto by ordering food from your favourite restaurants through the platform


Generate higher profit margins by selling your meals through the platform to serve your customers


Foodies: Turn your eating habits into real money 


Businesses: Double your sales and increase customer loyalty


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Ordering food online is expensive for foodies and businesses

Ordering a takeaway via a food delivery app can be up to 44% more expensive than dealing directly with a restaurant.

The average profit margin for a large restaurant is between 3% and 5%. Food delivery apps charge your favourite restaurant up to 30% commission per order.

We think this is unfair.



Eat to Earn Crypto

Sell to Earn Crypto

Every time an order is processed through the Esca menu platform, both food consumer and vendor get cash back in the form of Bitcoin.

For foodies, Esca connects all your favourite restaurants to the blockchain and rewards you for supporting them.

For food businesses, it enables you to increase sales and customer loyalty therefore increasing profit margins.

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How It Works


Foodies get paid to eat
Businesses get paid to feed

For Foodies

Browse the menu

Sign up at then enter your address

Place an order

Browse a vast selection of food businesses then choose one that tickles your taste buds

Get rewarded

Once your order is placed, your BTC will be available in your Esca wallet within receive BTC within 3 - 7 days of the successful transaction

For Businesses

Create your menu

Register at to set up your menu

Serve your customers

Take orders from new and existing customers via your page

Get rewarded

For every transaction completed via your page you will receive BTC & USDC within 3 - 7 days of the successful transaction


Meet The Team


Shalom Osiadi

Co-Founder / CEO

An award winning MBA graduate Shalom has consulted, developed, and raised funds for multiple projects in the blockchain space since 2016. With experience in the big 4 technology companies, Shalom has helped build multiple projects from zero to acquisition.

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Zubair Masood

Lead Blockchain Developer

An award winning Full Stack and Solidity developer Zubair has consulted for multiple projects in the blockchain space as well as developing several smart contracts of his own. An expert in the financial serices industry he has worked with world leading fin-tech organisations

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Olumide Olugbemiro

Lead Platform Developer

An expert Full Stack Developer Olumide has several years experience working for the worlds largest Unicorns and is the lead developer behind 

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Get some bread

Turn your guilty pleasures into Cash

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Tolu Ajagbe

Marketing & Community Manager

An expert digital marketer, photographer and content creator, Tolu loves all things people and marketing. Make sure to say hello to her in our telegram chat.

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Golden Ikerionwu

Operations Lead

An expert operations director and founder with a Masters in Business Golden has led projects for countless Fortune 500 companies as well as developed multiple projects and teams himself

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Samraj Soundarajan

Senior Full Stack Developer

An expert developer, Samraj has worked for some of the biggest tech companies in Europe. A self proclaimed startup lover he's behind the code of some of your favourite startups

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Our Advisors

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Tadgh Riordan

Esca Blockchain Dev Consultant

Tadgh is a world renowned blockchain developer. He has worked with companies such as Z-coin and holds an M.Sc. in Distributed Ledger Technology from Trinity University in Dublin

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Daniel MC

Co-Founder 0x_nodes

Co-founder of innovative De-Fi company 0x_nodes. An experienced designer with technical and business knowledge building DeFi protocols.

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Simon Cocking

CEO Irish Tech News & Crypto Common Wealth

Named on 3 lists of global influencers to follow for fintech, blockchain, and data security. Renowned advisor and crypto Investor

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All aspects of our road map will be visible to our community. Any iterations made due to delays will be made clear to our community before implementation.


We already have a working MVP but will be making iterations to it in order to facilitate our new Web3 functionality.

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Our stats so far


Food businesses


Meals served





Some of our partners

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