Stake your $ESCA and earn up to 400% APY!

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What is Staking?

Staking is the cryptocurrency equivalent to a savings account. With staking, you get guaranteed, time-based, returns. 

By holding your $ESCA tokens in our staking wallet, you can generate larger returns while simultaneously supporting our network operations.

The longer you stake, the more you earn.

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ESCA Staking Details

Start Date
(When is the staking pool open?)
Days Open for Stake

(How many days will the staking pool be open to enter after the start date?)

14 days
Mandatory Lock
(What's the minimum amount of time my tokens will be locked for?)
45 days
Early Rewards APY
(What's the minimum annual percentage yield I will receive if I withdraw my tokens early?)
Days Until Full Maturity

(What's the maximum number of days my tokens will be locked for?)

90 days
Maturity Rewards APY

(What's the maximum annual percentage yield I will receive if I keep my tokens staked for the full 90 days?)

405.6 %

Pool Status: CLOSED